Toastmaster Keith Kneebone

AS A TOASTMASTER: I have a passion

Hello, and welcome to my site. My name is Keith Kneebone and I have a passion: a passion for good English grammar; and a hankering, like many, for the good old days when protocol and etiquette was admired and practised by everyone on special occasions.

These are some of the reasons I became a Toastmaster; to bring back those wonderful nostalgic days of old.

I am based in Cornwall and can also cover most of South West England including Devon, Somerset and beyond. So please contact me if you have an important function that requires professional assistance or you run a venue that wishes to capture my unique, friendly talents for its customers' benefit.

Wander through my site and discover how I can help you enjoy the event of your life, whether it's a wedding, dinner, party or some other special day or even arranging for Santa to visit your party at Christmas!


Toastmaster and Compere

What does the word Toastmaster conjure up in your mind ?

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From Cornwall to Cumbria

Born in 1945 in Dalton-in-Furness, a town to which my Cornish ancestors...

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Customer Testimonials

A sample of what my custumers say about my services

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Father Christmas

Want Santa to visit your party at Christmas? Let me know and I'll see if he's got time!!

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speech writing and speaking

I am primarily a Toastmaster, MC, & Compere but the current decline of good English has influenced me to expand my services to include guiding prospective speakers through the pitfalls of speech preparation and presentation, and assistance in writing important letters and articles. More info....